Cherry KW 9100 SLIM FOR MAC Desktop Keyboard

The wireless and rechargeable accessory for Mac users with an affinity for design
Cherry KW 9100 SLIM FOR MAC Desktop Keyboard


If you’re looking for a high-quality and esthetically pleasing alternative to conventional keyboards for a Mac, then you’ve found the right address with the CHERRY KW 9100 SLIM FOR MAC. The wireless computer keyboard can be used with all Mac computers with a USB connection for the USB wireless receiver, or with all Bluetooth® receivers featuring version 4.0 or higher when the Bluetooth® interface is used.


Design: Chiclet layout with numeric keypad
Key technology: SX
Service life of standard key: > 10 million strokes
Magnetic support bar for inclination adjustment
Power supply: rechargeable lithium-ion battery with 650 mAh (permanently installed)
Status display: Caps lock, FN and battery status (by LED in keys), Bluetooth® connection, wireless and battery charge status (bi-color LED)
Number of buttons: Depends on product, see table
Number of extra keys: 13
Additional key functions: Increase/reduce screen brightness, Mission Control, Spotlight, previous track, play/pause, next track, mute, increase/reduce volume, lock PC (MAC OS X 10.13 or higher), CD eject, zoom in/out

Technical Data

Mounting Format
Key Layout
Full-size (100%)
Keycap Profile
Pad Printing + UV coating
Status LEDs
in keys
Special Key Functions
Screen darker, Screen brighter, Eject Media, Last track, Mission Control, Next track, PC lock, Play/Pause, Spotlight, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down, Zoom
Adjustable Feet
Integrated Metal Plate
Number of Batteries
Operating System
Mac OS
Operating Temperature
40 °C
Width 130 mm, Length 440 mm, Height 15 mm

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