Cherry MX 3.0S Desktop Keyboard

Expect to win – with CHERRY Gaming Performance in innovative aluminum design!
Cherry MX 3.0S Desktop Keyboard


Key caps / front lasering: For the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0 S in black, inscription on the front of the keys was chosen. The technical look is accentuated by the mirror effect. The position of the inscription means it change significantly even with heavy use of the keyboard. The keys are also legible when covered by your fingers.
Extruded housing: The housing of the CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0 S keyboard is manufactured using the extrusion process. In this process, the aluminum is heated and pressed in a continuous casting process through a cooled bottomless mold and then separated. When the aluminum cools, it takes on its later shape. The printed circuit board for the CHERRY MX switches is pressed into the aluminum housing. Because it is designed with mounting points, the keyboard does not need any screws or additional metal plates for stabilization. The innovative workmanship gives the keyboard its emphatically simple, technical look.
Illumination: The CHERRY MX BOARD 3.0 S keyboard series comes in various illumination versions.
Unlit – for those who like it simple, completely without illumination.
Monochrome illumination – the even, white backlight of the buttons can be easily customized. The brightness can be adjusted using a key combination.
RGB illumination – the impressive RGB illumination in over 16 million colors, with numerous integrated color routines, can be easily adjusted using the CHERRY software. The custom illumination effects are stored on the keyboard. This means that the keyboard always starts automatically with the last illumination mode set.


Gaming style – corded keyboard in high-quality extruded aluminum housing
Intelligent, technical design completely without screws
CHERRY MX technology – Gold Crosspoint precision switches for all keys “Made in Germany”
Illumination options for different versions range from unlit to monochrome to RGB with color routines in over 16 million colors
Abrasion-resistant key caps, front lasered or double shot, depending on the model
Full n-key rollover – all keys are read simultaneously
Anti-ghosting – no input errors
WIN key lockout for gaming
CHERRY button for instant access to software information and the CHERRY website
Securely plugged, detachable cable
Four round rubber feet for extra stability

Technical Data

MX 3.0S
Mounting Format
Key Layout
Full-size (100%)
Key Rollover
Status LEDs
in keys
Special Key Functions
Browser, CHERRY Key, Calculator, FN, Last track, Next track, Play/Pause, Unmute/Mute, Volume up, Volume down
Adjustable Feet
sold separately
Cable length
170 cm
Integrated Metal Plate
Operating System
Windows, Mac OS X
Operating Temperature
50 °C
Width 140 mm, Length 430 mm, Height 36 mm

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