The wireless STREAM keyboard â€“ with a high-quality protective membrane


Together, the CHERRY STREAM KEYBOARD WIRELESS and the CHERRY STREAM PROTECT MEMBRANE become the CHERRY STREAM PROTECT KEYBOARD WIRELESS. This means the keyboard offers the ability to be completely wiped clean or even disinfected, but remains very comfortable to type on.

CHERRY and ACTIVE KEY - two success stories combining proven quality and hygienic safety in perfect harmony.

The CHERRY brand stands for uncompromising reliability, durability and maximum comfort in daily use. Millions of CHERRY STREAM keyboards have proven their reliability, and not just in everyday office use. Hour after hour, day after day.

ACTIVE KEY has the highest level of expertise as a leading supplier of hygienic input devices. The specialist supplier in the CHERRY Group develops precise fitting and resistant silicone membranes for the highest hygiene standards in clinical applications.

With the STREAM PROTECT MEMRANE from Active Key, millions of STREAM KEYBOARD users can add a customized hygienic key protection membrane to their keyboard.

With frequent and changing use, keyboards can be a reservoir for dirt and germs. On the CHERRY STREAM PROTECT KEYBOARD, dirt and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses can be simply wiped off the flat and completely enclosed key surface.

The key membrane can be taken off the keyboard for washing and changing. The STREAM PROTECT MEMBRANE thus effectively protects people, the keyboard and the environment.

The STREAM PROTECT KEYBOARD WIRELESS follows the design, elegance and sleekness of the CHERRY STREAM product line with the same slim design, high torsional rigidity and stability. Rubber pads and fold-out feet provide the usual firm footing. Sturdy scissor technology and the highly developed haptics of the key membrane ensure the legendary typing comfort of the CHERRY STREAM keyboards.

The 2.4 GHz wireless connection with up to 10 meters range is as reliable and uncomplicated as ever. The keyboard can be plug-and-play-connected to the PC via the receiver. The wireless connection has AES-128 data encryption. A low battery is indicated by the status LEDs integrated in the keys.

The STREAM PROTECT MEMBRANE provides hygienic protection wherever a CHERRY STREAM keyboard is already in use, for example in public administration, educational institutions, schools and universities or in shared office environments.


Cleanliness & hygiene: Easy to clean.
Productive work: Unbeatable typing feel
Sustainability: Washable, changeable membrane
Modern design: Slim profile
Maximum ease of use: 3 integrated status indicators, perfect slip resistance, 10 office & multimedia buttons, up to 36 months battery life
Highest quality: Abrasion-resistant key labeling, Cherry SX scissor mechanism, AES128 data encryption
Certification: GS mark, 'Blue Angel' eco-label
CHERRY STREAM PROTECT - For the best STREAM ever! For the protection of people, the keyboard and the environment.

Technical Data

Mounting Format
Key Layout
Full-size (100%)
Keycap Profile
Silicon Membrane
Status LEDs
in keys
Adjustable Feet
Integrated Metal Plate
Number of Batteries
Operating System
Windows 7 or higher
Operating Temperature
40 °C
Width 164 mm, Length 465 mm, Height 24 mm

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